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2014 Refinery and Petrochemical Wastewater Treatment
Training Workshop

Refinery Water Engineering & Associates, Inc. (RWE) is proud to announce the next edition of our Refinery & Petrochemical specific Wastewater Treatment Training resources. This upcoming event will be conducted in a very interactive atmosphere as a Workshop as opposed to a lecture series. This event will feature group brainstorming of operating problems for every attendee's specific plant. The agenda was determined by the requests of the WWTP plant personnel who have expressed interest in attending. For new process engineers engaged in learning about Wastewater Treatment Technology, there is no better or faster training resource available anywhere.

When: Tuesday & Wednesday, January 7 & 8, 2013, 8am to 5pm.

Where: Lamar University, Beaumont, TX., Environmental Engineering Dept.

Workshop Size: 15 Attendees max. to insure individual attention.

Workshop Agenda :

  1. Proper Analytical Testing Protocol for Quantified Process Control throughout the entire WWTP.
  2. Use of Oxygen Uptake Rate as the Primary Biological Process Control Adjustment Indicator.
  3. Ammonia Removal Process Control for Carbon Degrading Organisms and for Nitrifying Organisms.
  4. Quantitative Secondary Clarifier Process Control & Design Evaluation via Solids Flux Analysis.
  5. Practical Interpretation of Microscopic Analysis for Use in Control of Bioreactor, especially for Filamentous Ourbreaks and Toxic Shocks.
  6. Aeration System Design, Maintenance, & Economics.
  7. Upstream Contaminant Source Control Strategies.
  8. Review of specific Operations of each of the Attendees' WWTPs.
  9. Feasibility Techniques for Quantification of Alternatives for Internal & External Reuse of Wastewater .

Instructors :

Online Course from 2012:

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