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Supply, Flowback, and Waste
Water Treatment Training Course
for Hydraulic Fracturing

Texas A&M - Kingsville University (TAMUK) and Frac Water Engineering & Associates (FWE), a subsidiary of Refinery Water Engineering & Associates, Inc. (RWE), are proud to present the "first of its kind" training course for Hydraulic Fracturing operations. This new course is focused on an integrated approach to Total Water Management for the Frac-ing of Shale Gas and Shale Oil wells. Supply Water, Flowback Water, Wastewater, and Sludge treatment system designs, process controls, and economics will be covered in detail, and alternatives will be compared. An underlying theme of Water Recycling will predominate this entire course. Unique geographic considerations for treatment systems will be addressed for the following Shale Play regions: Marcellus, Permian, Eagle Ford, Bakken, and Monterrey. Transportation considerations, Regulatory procedures, Drilling & Recovery processes, and Legal liabilities will be presented.

This new FWE training course is designed upon the same standards of expertise and integrity as the highly acclaimed RWE Refinery & Petrochemical Wastewater Training Course. Our world renowned course professors, with a cumulative engineering experience of 250+ years in more than 900+ water projects, are also experienced as major U.S. university professors. This course provides certified TAMUK PDH Credits.

When: November 5 - 7, 2013, 8am to 10am.

Where: Kingsville, Texas at Texas A&M Kingsville University

What: The first known comprehensive water management training program for Frac Water

For Who: Energy companies, oilfield & drilling services, land leasers, regulatory specialists, chemical & fluids companies, municipalities, disposal well operators.

Skill Sets Attendees Will Acquire At This 2013 Edition Frac Water Course:

➢ The ability to determine the best treatment technologies on a site-specific well basis.
➢ The ability to execute proper process control techniques for applicable treatment designs.
➢ The ability to follow the proper regulatory & permitting procedures for water management.
➢ The ability to understand legal liabilities and to be aware of potential or pending laws.
➢ The ability to understand water considerations based on drilling process variables.

One-on-One Private Instruction:
Besides the classroom sessions, private one-on-one instruction time will also be available with course professors from 7pm to 10pm on each of the days. Registered attendees may sign up for 30 minute sessions with the professors of their choice to discuss specific topics or applications. This will be on a first come, first serve basis.

2013 Course Curriculum:
This year's course features the following Professors & Subject Matter:
Dr. Davis Ford (Lecture Samples)
➢ Overview of Energy Needs & Geographical Gas\Oil Shale Resources
➢ Future Supply Water & Wastewater Disposal Needs
➢ Water Transportation Costs & Considerations
➢ Hazardous Waste Disposal Determinations, Testing, and Alternatives
➢ Permian Basin & Eagle Ford Shale Plays, Texas Review
Mr. David Kujawski (Lecture Samples)
➢ Fundamentals of Corrosion, Scaling, and Fouling Mechanisms
➢ Design of Centralized Regional Plants Operating as a Water Brokerage
➢ Design of Mobile Treatment Systems at Drilling Sites for Water Recycle
➢ CAPEX & OPEX Comparison of Applicable Wastewater Treatment Technologies
➢ Monterrey Shale Play, California Review.
Dr. Mohamed Soliman (Texas Tech University Dept. of Petroleum Engineering)
➢ Equipment Designs & Maintenance Concerns for Supply & Flowback
➢ Supply Water Quantity & Quality Requirements
➢ Characterization of Spent Frac Water & Range of Variation
➢ Economic Analysis for Decision Making on Frac Water Alternatives
Ms. Holly A. Vandrovec (Kelly, Hart & Hallman Law Firm)
➢ Regulatory Permitting & Reporting State and Federal
➢ Legal Issues surrounding Frac Water Management
➢ Pending & Possible Future New Laws
Mr. Greg Cusack (Chief Reservoir Engineer, Statoil Energy)
➢ Hydraulic Fracturing Process for Shale Recovery
➢ Marcellus Shale Play, Pennsylvania Review
➢ Bakken Shale Play, North Dakota Review
➢ Spectrum of Common Daily Frac Water Problems at the Well Site
➢ Time Line of Typical Well Site Activities
Dr. Lee Clapp (FWE BIO)
➢ Membrane, Electrodialysis, Desalination, & Evaporator technologies
➢ Integration with Combined Heat & Power, Sour Gas, Alternative Water Uses
➢ CAPEX & OPEX Comparison of Applicable Supply Water Treatment Technologies

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