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2013 Refining & Petrochemical WWTP Training Course Adds
Wastewater Reclamation Theme

The University of New Orleans (UNO) and Refinery Water Engineering & Associates, Inc. (RWE) are proud to present the 2013 Edition of the only available wastewater treatment training  course designed specifically for the unique characteristics related to the oil refining & petrochemical  manufacturing industries.

RWE has listened to the requests of plant management as to desired content to include in the 2013 course. RWE is pleased to announce that it has expanded this year's curriculum to include a theme of
Wastewater Reclamation
. The RWE team of renowned professors has a cumulative  engineering & operations experience of more than 290+ years in more than 100+ oil refineries  and petrochemical plants. For those students who wish to brush up on some of the 2012 course  fundamentals in preparation for the 2013 edition, RWE has the recommended tutorials available in a  multimedia format at

This 30 hour course provides the students with classroom training, one-on-one consultation, and  a comprehensive training manual with class notes. The 2013 course provides the attendees with certified UNO PDH credits.

When: Tuesday - Thursday, November 5 - 7, 2013, 8am to 10pm.

Where: New Orleans, Louisiana at the University of New Orleans Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering

One-on-One Private Instruction:
New for this year, one-on-one instruction time will also be available with course instructors on November 5 and 6, 2013, from 5pm to 10pm. Registered attendees may sign up for 30 minute  sessions with the professors of their choice to discuss specific plant applications, compliance issues,  or topics of their choice. This will be available on a first come, first serve basis.

2013 Course Agenda:

1. Wastewater Reclamation \ Supply Water Considerations:
a. Onsite Reuse from Isolated Upstream Source Segregation-
• Engineering of Wastewater for Boiler Feedwater Supply.
• Engineering of Wastewater for Cooling Tower Make-Up Water Supply.
• Engineering of Wastewater for Process Water Supply.
b. Offsite Supply to Buyers from WWTP End-of-Pipe-
• Hydraulic Fracturing Operations.
• Combined Heat & Power Cycle Operations.
• Miscellaneous Supplier Opportunities:
• Industrial processes, groundwater replenishment; agricultural, irrigation & watering, roadways.

2. Biological Wastewater Treatment Unit Process Control:
a. Use & Interpretation of Oxygen Uptake Rate Testing as the Primary Control Tool to make Plant Adjustments under Non-Steady State Conditions.
b. Techniques for the Control of Filamentous Organisms for Optimized Clarifier Performance.
c. State Point Analysis Tool for Mathematical Control of Clarifier Process Variables.
d. Nitrification Troubleshooting and Alternatives for Recovery & Reliability.
e. Efficient Cost Control and Management Economics of Aeration & Energy Usage.
f. Interpretation of Activated Sludge PhotoMicrographs for Process Adjustments.
g. Lagoon Removal Processes - Aerobic, Aerated, Facultative, Anaerobic, & Wetlands.

3. Central Wastewater Treatment Plant & Source Control Strategies:
a. Efficient Analytical Protocol & Interpretation of Operational Process Control Data Around Each WWTP Unit Process.
b. Upstream Source Control & Diversion Alternatives to Optimize Central WWTP Operations-
• Spent Caustics, Amines, Sulfolane, and Cleaning Surfactants Management.
c. Operator-friendly Predictive Modeling Tools for Mathematical Process Control and "What-if" Evaluations.
d. Control of Important Chemical Oxidation Treatment Reactions and Chemical Additives.
e. Tough Emulsion Breaking Alternatives - Electro-Coagulation Deployment.
f. Desalter Effluent Optimization for Downstream Management.
g. Fate & Transport and Removal of Selenium.
h. Fate & Transport and Removal of Mercury.

2013 RWE Course Instructors:
1. Dr. David Jenkins
2. Dr. Bill Batchelor
3. Dr. Jerry Lin
4. Mr. Chris Spurrell
5. Mr. David Kujawski
6. Dr. Michael Stenstrom
7. Dr. Enrique La Motta - Special RWE Guest (BIO Link)

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