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About Refinery Water Engineering & Associates, Inc.

REFINERY WATER ENGINEERING (RWE) is a Process Engineering Firm specialized in broad spectrum Water & Waste Treatment Technologies, with a wealth of experience in the Petrochemical industry. RWE prides itself on integrated resource management, such that Wastewater, Supply Water, and Process Water can interact efficiently.

REFINERY WASTEWATER ASSOCIATES (RWA) is a Process Consulting Firm specialized in Petrochemical industry Water Quality Planning, with specific focus on Measurement, Assessment, Load Determinations, Modeling, Simulation, and Alternative Treatment Recommendations.

REFINERY WASTEWATER OPERATIONS (RWO) is an Operating Services & Lab Testing Firm specialized in onsite support services for the operation of existing treatment systems, with specific expertise for Petrochemical operations. Related analytical and investigative testing protocols, both onsite and offsite, are also included.

RWE & RWA & RWO maintain an expert reputation in every application area of Wastewaster, Supply Water, Process Water, and Waste Disposal Treatment in oil refining, petrochemical manufacturing, and oil & gas production.

RWE & RWA & RWO provides tools designed to overcome today's complex operational barriers by combining cutting-edge solutions with ~33 years of experience in more than 800 plants in our select industries, including 46 Oil Refineries.

RWE \ RWA \ RWO offers "think tank" solutions in such areas as:
  1. Wastewater Treatment Compliance and Cost Optimization.
  2. Wastewater Reclamation & Reuse for the Production of high quality Supply Water and the Reduction of Discharge.
  3. Hazardous Waste Sludge Disposal Alternatives.
  4. Physical & Statistical Modeling of Treatment Processes.
  5. Treatability & Feasibility Studies including a Specialized Lab.
  6. Expert Witness support for Litigation.
  7. Project Management for various configurations of Design-Build-Own-Operate capital projects.
  8. Operations & Engineering Training Course Instruction, onsite, offsite, and online.

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