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Dr. Jerry Lin
Dr. Jerry Lin

Analytical Protocol for Process Control

This presentation discusses the methods of characterizing refinery wastewater for its biological treatment. The physics, chemistry, biology and required laboratory equipment for the measurements are reviewed. The significance of each water quality parameter is related to the treatment process in terms of wastewater treatability. Specific topics include: overview of activated sludge process, measurements of wastewater quality (dissolved oxygen, biochemical oxygen demands, chemical oxygen demand, solids, nutrients, sludge volume index, etc.), monitoring of wastewater characteristics for treatment management and statistical treatment of water quality data.

Analytical Protocol for Process Control Course Details

Segment 1 | 30 Minutes

Segment 2 | 30 Minutes

Segment 3 | 30 Minutes

Segment 4 | 35 Minutes

Segment 5 | 36 Minutes


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