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Dr. Davis Ford
Dr. Davis Ford

Physical - Mechanical Pretreatment Systems

This presentation covers the design and operation of the major pretreatment systems in the central WWTP configuration, including API Oil-Water Separators, as well as Dissolved \ Induced Air Flotation Oil & Solids Separation. Equalization and "off-spec." Diversion strategy design considerations are reviewed. Important compliance guidelines for the handling of sludge, as well as for operational considerations such as mixing are addressed. Downstream effects on biological wastewater treatment processes are reviewed. Upstream source control is also considered in the operation of these systems.

Physical - Mechanical Pretreatment Systems Course Details

Segment 1 | 31 Minutes

Segment 2 | 44 Minutes

Segment 3 | 36 Minutes

Segment 4 | 31 Minutes


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