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Professor Bios

Dr. Davis Ford: Professor at U of Texas, 45 years.
Dr. David Jenkins: Professor at U of California-Berkeley, 45 years.
Mr. David Kujawski: 33 years of Operations, Process & Environmental Engineering experience in 47 oil refineries.
Dr. Jerry Lin: Professor at Lamar University, and 23 years of industrial wastewater experience.
Dr. Bill Batchelor: Professor at Texas A&M, 36 years.
Dr. Mike Stenstrom: Professor at UCLA, 35 years.
Dr. Lial Tischler: 37 years experience in all environmental disciplines, consulting to most major petrochemical plants in Texas and Louisiana during his career.
Mr. Chris Spurrell: 28 years experience in Water Treatment Technology and Oil Refinery Process Engineering at Chevron’s flagship refinery in El Segundo, CA.

Dr. Davis L. Ford University of Texas

Dr. David Jenkins University of California-Berkeley

Mr. David Kujawski

Dr. Jerry Lin Lamar University

Professor & University Scholar; Director of Environmental Sustainability Research Center


Registration & Qualifications

Dr. Bill Batchelor Texas A&M University

Arthur McFarland Professorship, College of Engineering, Texas A&M University


Professional Registration

Dr. Mike Stenstrom

Mike is the second longest tenured Professor in the Civil & Environmental Department at UCLA, and was the former Chairman of the Department.

Mike is respected as a top authority on wastewater aeration and energy considerations, as well as on the most recent advancements in Biological wastewater process control strategies.


Selected Awards and Honors

Dr. Lial Tischler

Mr. Chris Spurrell